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Over 20 Years of experience on the Roads of Rome, Italy & Europe...
over 20 Grand Tour Bus ready for you!
ItalyTourBus.com Tour Bus in Rome italyitaly tour busitaly tour bus
italy tour bus driver"Colangeli" Italy Tour Bus is a top Tour Bus Rental Company with more than 20 years of Experience in the travel business in Rome, Italy and all over Europe. If you are a tour operator and you are looking for your Tour Bus Partner in Rome and Italy we can offer you our Fleet of more than 20 De Luxe Bus with our top quality service.
In all the tour buses are equipped with: Air Conditioning, Stereo-TV, English Driver, bathroom, bar, PA System.
We can plan a tour personalized for the needs of your group... at the best prices in the market!
We serve destinations all over Italy and Europe.
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